Statement of the Nassau County Bar Association on Changes Needed within the Justice System

June 11, 2020:

The Nassau County Bar Association issued the following statement regarding recent civil unrest and the need for change in our justice system:

The unspeakable acts committed against George Floyd and others by some members of law enforcement are abhorrent. As lawyers, it is our responsibility to improve our system of justice for our communities that are underserved and marginalized.

The Nassau County Bar Association will work with our justice partners―community leaders, government officials, law enforcement and the judiciary―to bring change, correct inequities, and ensure equal justice and fairness for all members of our community who expect ethical, moral, and upright behavior from those constitutionally bound to uphold the law.

We also support local communities and their leaders who are organizing peaceful, anti-racist responses, and we are committed to expanding our efforts to provide additional services to those in need.