NCBA Announces Creation of Government Relations Committee

November 3, 2021:

The NCBA is excited to announce the creation of its newest committee open to all NCBA members: Government Relations.

The aim of the committee will be to open up the often-mysterious world of lobbying, and to provide a clearer understanding of it. Members of the committee have the opportunity to learn how to approach government and expand their current practice. The committee will be chaired by Nicole Epstein, Esq.

At each meeting, a distinguished panel of experts will be invited to moderate the discussion on that particular topic. Panelists will include a wide assortment high- profile individuals such as

  • Elected officials from all levels of government

  • Executive Branch Representatives

  • Lawyers

  • Lobbyists

  • Special interest regulators

  • and more!

If you are interesting in joining the committee, contact NCBA Committees Liaison Stephanie Pagano at or (516) 747-4070.