NCBA Announces Addition of Three New Committees

May 30, 2023:

The 2023-2024 membership year will allow members to take part in three new committees: Asian American Attorney Section, Cyber Law, and Law Student.

Asian American Attorney Section: Open to all Members, no matter your ethnicity—will address the legal needs of the Asian attorney, confront Asian bias, disseminate relevant information, and hold networking and social events among the Asian attorney community.

Cyber Law Committee: Educates Association Members on mandatory “technology proficiency” and cybersecurity issues, as well as provide a platform for attorneys practicing in the area of cyber law to gather and share practice information and experiences in the field.

Law Student Committee: Provides law students the opportunity to network with practicing attorneys, gain insight into the legal field, and foster professional relationships with peers and future colleagues.

NCBA Committees are open to MEMBERS ONLY. If you are interested in joining one or more of these committees, contact Stephanie Pagano at or (516) 666-4850.