Nassau County Bar Association Releases Qualifications for Judicial Candidates

Mineola, NYOctober 14, 2020—The Judiciary Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association (NCBA) screens candidates for judicial office and has made the following determination for candidates on the ballot in Nassau County in the November 3, 2020 Election:

NYS Supreme Court Judge, 10th District
Joseph R. Conway—Well Qualified
Gary F. Knobel—Well Qualified
Randy Sue Marber—Well Qualified
Erica L. Prager—Well Qualified
Derrick J. Robinson*—Qualified

Nassau County Court Judge
Caryn R. Fink—Well Qualified
Christopher E. Hoefenkrieg—Well Qualified

Family Court Judge
Lisa A. Cairo—Well Qualified

District Court Judge (District 2)
Tricia M. Ferrell—Well Qualified
Darlene D. Harris—Well Qualified
Ignatius L. Muscarella—Well Qualified
Robert E. Pipia—Well Qualified

District Court Judge (District 4)
David W. Wright—Well Qualified

The Judiciary Committee consists of 21 NCBA members who have performed outstanding service to the public and to the Bar, and who are recognized as persons of leadership and integrity. The Committee membership reflects a broad range of political participation and professional experience. The Committee determines whether candidates are “Well Qualified” for the judicial office they seek or, in the event of a negative conclusion, that the candidate is “Not Approved at this Time” for such office.

“The Committee provides this important public service to educate our community,” said NCBA President Dorian R. Glover. “Many lay people are not very familiar with the judicial candidates on the ballot and are looking for guidance. The candidates are screened by local attorneys who practice in Nassau County courts who are able to evaluate the candidates’ qualifications and their judicial temperament.”

*Not all candidates on the ballot are screened by the NCBA Judiciary Committee and non-Nassau County candidates may be referred to the NCBA at the request of another bar association where there is a conflict of interest. NYS Supreme Court Judge Candidate Derrick J. Robinson was referred by the Suffolk County Bar Association (SCBA) and was rated “Qualified” in accordance with the SCBA designations. Nassau County District Court Judge Candidates Lisa M. Petrocelli (District 3) and Chris J. Coschignano (District 4) were screened by the SCBA due to conflicts of interest with the NCBA and designated “Well Qualified” in accordance with the NCBA bylaws.

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