Free Open House Event for Long Island Residents: Speak with a Professional Housing Counselor

August 12, 2020:

Are you struggling or unable to pay your rent or mortgage?

Now is the time to speak with a Housing Counselor and/or Legal Services Provider about:

Due to COVID-19, homeowners and renters are struggling now more than ever to pay their mortgage and rent.
Many homeowners have entered into a COVID-19 forbearance plan or have a COVID-19 related hardship. Some forbearance plans are now coming to an end and many Long Islanders are still unemployed and are left wondering what to do next.
In an effort to address these needs, an open house event is being held to give homeowners and renters the opportunity to speak with a housing professional.
Housing counselors and lawyers from the Homeowner Protection Program will be available to discuss homeowner and renter’s needs as well as explain current programs and payment options.


The open house will be held outside, under tents at the Nassau County Bar Association at 15th and West Streets in Mineola.


Thursday, August 27, 2020

To Register

It is by reservation only to insure social distancing. Attendees are required to wear a face covering and one will be provided in the event needed.

To register for the open house or to request telephone or virtual counseling, please call (516) 388-7556.

Please Note:

  • If appearing at the open house in person is not convenient, desired or possible, telephone or virtual counseling is available.

  • Services are available in English and Spanish and are free of charge.