Renewal Application

Hello, Hector Herrera. If you are not this person, please contact the Nassau County Bar at (516) 747-4070 for assistance.

This form will allow you to quickly and easily change your membership type and group participation. Once you are satisfied that these options are correct for you, enter next to calculate your dues amount and confirm your choices.

Please select your membership category:  (You are currently a Regular Full Remission Member.) 


Dues for Regular, Associate and Junior members are pro-rated by 50% through March 31. Pro-rated prices are shown.

Regular Members: For attorneys admitted to the Bar more than five years. $310.00
Junior Members: For attorneys admitted to the Bar one to five years. $140.00
Associate Members: For attorneys admitted to the Bar more than five years, but who have neither an office nor a residence in Nassau County. Associate Members may not vote or hold office in NCBA (you may choose Regular Membership instead). $145.00
Student Members: For students attending law school. Law Student membership applies until Date of Admission to the Bar. Notify us with your admission date and we will waive your membership dues from that date until your one year anniversary date—our gift to you! $0.00
Paralegal: Must provide paralegal certification or proof of employment from a supervising attorney; and must provide a letter from an attorney in good standing in New York State. May not vote or hold office in NCBA. $135.00
Sustaining Membership
For NCBA members who wish to demonstrate their commitment to the legal profession and to the Bar Association with additional financial support in addition to their current dues.
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