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Join the Lawyer Referral Service Information Panel.

The Nassau County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Information Service (LRIS) is an effective means of introducing people with legal problems to attorneys experienced in the area of law in which they need assistance. In addition, potential new clients are introduced to members of the Service Panel. Membership on the Panel is open exclusively as a benefit to active members of the Nassau County Bar Association.

Professional insurance coverage is required. To join, please download the LRIS Agreement, chose the panels you would like to be on, sign the agreement form, provide a copy of your current professional insurance coverage, and mail with your check or credit card information to:

Lawyer Referral Information Service
Nassau County Bar Association
15th and West Streets
Mineola, NY 11501


I think the Lawyer Referral Service offers a great opportunity for both the general community and NCBA members. It offers the public a chance to get connected with lawyers who are able to assist them. And it offers NCBA members the opportunity to provide valuable legal services for those who need them. At the end of the day, we are able to connect with more people and expand our prospective client base.” —George Merritts

“I continue to thank you, the Bar Association and the Referral Service for all of your efforts in providing the services both to the community and to the membership.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Service clients?
The Lawyer Referral Information Service (the Service) is promoted widely in the courts, agencies and libraries, as well as the Yellow Pages website. Clients who take advantage of the service come from all walks of life and run the gamut of the economic spectrum.

Do I have to charge the client the initial $50 half-hour consultation fee?
No. This is entirely at the discretion of the attorney. However, by choosing to serve on the Service panel, attorneys agree not to charge these clients more than $50 for the first half-hour.

What fee should I charge the client?
Beyond the initial half-hour consultation (maximum $50) the arrangement is between you and the client. It should be discussed with, and fully understood by, the client prior to your beginning to work on the case. The only exceptions are the Deferred/Reduced Fee Matrimonial and Prisoners Rights panels.

How are the referrals assigned?
Panel Members become part of our computerized program designed to provide attorneys’ names on a rotation basis according to areas of concentration and geographic location. Callers are asked a series of questions by Service staff to ascertain the nature of the problem and the caller’s residence or place of business. The caller is then given the appropriate referrals.

Should I call the client?
No. It is the client’s responsibility to call the attorney. Sometimes clients decide not to pursue their situation any further, and often they are calling with matters confidential and unknown to other family members.

When is a referral fee owed to the Service from the payment of fees from referred clients?
Any matter referred by the Service and any transaction, proceeding or action directly related to the matter referred, where the aggregate fee received by the Panel Member is $1,000 or more, the Panel Member shall pay to the Service an additional referral fee equal to ten (10%) percentage of the aggregate fee received by the Panel Member. However, the first $1,000 received by the Panel Member shall be exempt for the purposes of computing the referral fee. For example, if the aggregate fee received totals $1,500, the referral fee due to the Service is $50.

Deferred/Reduced Fee Matrimonial Panel
Client pays $1,500 retainer for maximum of 10 hours of legal services; then $150 per hour thereafter. Sample retainer agreement is provided.

Prisoners’ Rights Panel
Civil suits initiated by inmates regarding mistreatment by prison employees. Fees handled on a contingency basis.