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Expand Your Client Services with LanguageLine
NCBA Members Receive 64% Discount!
Now Nassau County Bar Association members can better communicate with limited English-speaking clients through LanguageLine Personal Interpreter Service, an over-the-phone interpretation service, AND save 64% of the cost!
LanguageLine Personal Interpreter Service provides over the phone interpretation in more than 200 languages, and you can access the service with a toll free call. All you need to do is sign up to become a LanguageLine Personal Interpreter customer. There is no cost or obligation to set up an account online.
LanguageLine allows members to conference call with clients and a live interpreter over the phone. In your client’s preferred language, you can:
• Schedule appointments
• Provide legal advice
• Explain legal options
• Offer recommendations
More than 200 languages are available.
There is no cost or obligation to set up an account online, no sign-up fee or monthly minimum usage charges. Members are charged only when they use the service.
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How LanguageLine Works

• Dial the Personal Interpreter access number, enter your 8-digit PIN, and state the name of the language you need right into the phone. It will be Recognized by our speech recognition/response system
• You will be immediately connected to the appropriate interpreter.
• The discounted per minute charge for Nassau County Bar Association Members of $1.40 per minute begin when the interpreter joins the call and end when you hang up.
• Per minute charges include complementary domestic or international third party calls placed by our attendant for you, to anywhere in the world.
• Charges are billed to your Credit Card daily and kept securely.
• Once you receive your PIN, you can use it over and over again, without having to re-register.
You can sign up in a few minutes, receive your access number and PIN, and begin using the service immediately.
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