Judiciary Committee Questionnaire

If you wish to be screened by the NCBA Judiciary Committee, you will need to complete the NCBA Judicial Questionnaire Form. (A sample questionnaire appears here.)

All applicants must formally request a screening and a copy of the Judicial Questionnaire via email to the Judiciary Committee Secretary at the Nassau County Bar Association, Patti Anderson. She can be contacted at panderson@nassaubar.org. Ms. Anderson will transmit your contact information to the NCBA’s Technology Specialist, Hector Herrera.  Mr. Herrera will provide you with the Judicial Questionnaire.

Upon completing the Judicial Questionnaire, kindly return it to Mr. Herrera via email.  The completed Judicial Questionnaire, in its electronic form, will be securely maintained at NCBA.  Your completed Judicial Questionnaire will be secure, uneditable, encrypted, and only reviewable by members of the  Judiciary Committee as they conduct the screening. The electronic version of the Judicial Questionnaire sent to the NCBA will be destroyed in accordance with the NCBA By-Laws.

It is recommended that you print, or electronically store, a copy of the completed Judicial Questionnaire for your records. It is not necessary to forward hard copies of your completed Judicial Questionnaire to NCBA.

Finally, it is recommended that you review Article VIII, “Judiciary Committee,” of the NCBA By-Laws.  Article VIII includes the procedures for review and determination of qualifications. (You may reference Article VIII of the NCBA’s By-Laws here.)