From Dorian R. Glover, NCBA President

Since 1899, this Association has faithfully served the lawyers and community of Nassau County, becoming the largest suburban bar association in the country.  It all began when nineteen attorneys met at Allen’s Hotel in Mineola and named themselves the charter members of the Nassau County Bar Association. Surely, they could not have imagined the impact this Association would have and how it would persevere.

Throughout the years, our Association has grown, changed and developed to keep pace with the changes in our county, state, nation and world, as well as the needs of the bench, bar, and community-at-large.

And now in 2020, amid the pandemic, we stand resolute in our commitment to serve the members and residents of Nassau County.  We will continue to confront the challenges facing our communities head on to vigorously defend the rights of others, while continuing to develop lawyers into leaders and provide a place for growth and opportunity to all those who call Domus home.  A new era is upon us, and a new way of working and engaging is in front of us.

Irrespective of the current crisis, our mission remains unchanged.

  • To deliver competent legal services to all without regard to their ability to pay;
  • To protect and improve our system of justice;
  • To maintain and increase our levels of professionalism through continuing legal education programs; and
  • To inspire all citizens to have an appreciation and respect for the law while providing benefits and opportunities to enhance professional, personal, and economic growth.

As the 118th President of this Association, my focus and goals for this year consists of three components:

  1. Communication —Explore and implement alternative mechanisms for communicating and app development;
  2. Retention—Enhanced and multifaceted retention program;
  3. Membership—Focus on attracting diverse attorneys, public sector attorneys, and law students.

I honor our existing programs and will ensure their continued success.


It is our goal to continue to grow our membership outside of traditional channels to keep pace with the changing demographics of the bench and bar. It is imperative that we attract members who think differently, look differently, and come to our doors through a non-traditional legal journey. To this end, we will continue to work both in the public and private sectors, as well as among law students who are looking for leadership, mentorship and networking opportunities.  We must develop our relationships with students and newly admitted attorneys because they are the future of the bar.


Our model around professional development provides lawyers continuous learning and engagement. Domus provides a space for activities that build networks, relationships and opportunities for business development. We must continue to add to the menu of offerings that the Association provides, which keeps pace with the changes in how we practice law, communicate and network. Demonstrating the value of membership in our Association has to be a priority, members must see us as valuable, so that they will then give back to Domus what is truly priceless…their time, talents, and energy.


The way we communicate is at the very essence of what we do. We have accelerated our ability to stay connected and engage while staying at a distance. We have put down the briefcase and picked up the laptop. Meeting virtually and being on the various online communications platforms have become part of a lawyers’ toolkit. As the times are changing, the Association has proven we too can change with the times. Our goal is to continue to develop vehicles of communications that speak to the needs of our members. Whether it be on mobile or digital platforms, we have to continue to find ways to be of service to the ones who serve.

I humbly serve as your president and look forward to leading this august body. My predecessors laid the foundation, and I had the opportunity to see them grow our organization to what is before you today. Our legacy is what history says about the work that we have accomplished and the impressions we have left on those around us.

With your support and assistance, this will be an exciting and successful year. Our goals of membership, retention, and communication require all of us to lean in and contribute as liberally as others’ necessities require.

As my term as President of the Nassau County Bar Association commences, I am reminded that the journey would not be as significant if I did not travel with those who genuinely believed in me and supported my endeavors.

I thank God first, from whom all blessings flow. To my wife, the Honorable Linda K. Mejias, my mother Lolita R. Glover, and the family, friends and brothers who have traveled with me and supported my ascension to President, you have sacrificed much, and it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

To our membership…the true spirit of Domus continues to serve us as a beacon of light because the law is more than just a profession and Domus is more than just a building.

The spirit of Domus rings true because it belongs to all of us. In this oasis of space, this spectrum of time, this cornerstone of our community, we have not just the challenges before us, but more importantly the opportunity and the responsibility to lead Domus to even greater heights in the years ahead. It is my goal to be the attendant of the building, to welcome you in from the cold, to welcome you back if you have been away, and to welcome you back home to Domus.