From Elena Karabatos President

Celebrating the Season at Domus

Winter is almost here and that means the holidays are just around the corner. I love the holidays and everything they represent – family, traditions and parties. However, my favorite aspect of the holidays is how it makes me feel connected to others. The holidays bring people together, regardless of our differences or geographic locations. There is a sense of unity this time of year that we should all foster and celebrate.

Each year our members and their families and friends come together to socialize and celebrate the holidays at Wassail, a festive gathering held at the Nassau County Bar Association in early December. Often times, people ask me the meaning of Wassail. Historically, Wassail was a beverage that people drank during holiday celebrations in the wintertime. People would gather together to drink from the wassail bowl, sing songs and rejoice. We have carried that sentiment to today through our Wassail celebration at the Bar Association, where we enjoy an evening together eating, drinking and being merry! So, to me, the meaning of Wassail is a joyful celebration shared among friends, family and peers.

This year’s Wassail at the NCBA was fantastic! In addition to enjoying all of the evening’s festivities, we received a very special gift. To the delight of the membership, we unveiled an 11-minute video entitled “Welcome to Domus,” a compilation of the over 100-year history of the NCBA and the building we call “Domus.” The video, which is narrated by President-Elect Rick Collins, highlights many of the Bar Association’s historical milestones and wonderful events. It features numerous past presidents, including the late Jon Santema, and describes different aspects of Domus through individual interviews. It is truly an inspirational film about all the wonderful things the NCBA does.

The “Welcome to Domus” video is the product of countless hours of hard work by many of our colleagues, whom we thank very much for their contributions. It was filmed and edited primarily by the very talented Hector Herrera, whose skills are unsurpassed. Jennifer Koo also invested many hours to the project by conducting the interviews and drafting the narration. We were fortunate to be able to rely on research previously done by Sarika Kapoor in connection with a different Domus history project. That information provided great background for the video. Thank you to Rick Collins, especially for his wonderful acting abilities, and to each and every other person whose efforts went into making this project such a success.

As we round out another great year at the NCBA, I am so glad to see our members participating in numerous programs and events, and keeping our traditions, such as Wassail, alive. Domus is such a wonderful place for us to come together. It truly is something to celebrate.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday season. Looking forward to all the great things to come in the New Year. Happy Holidays!