Mortgage Foreclosure Forms


Pro Se Answer

This is the Answer to the summons and complaint. There are time constraints with this document. It must be served on the bank’s attorney and filed with court within 20 days. If the summons was served personally or 30 days if the summons was mailed to you. Filing means to give an original copy of the document to the County Clerk located on the first floor at 230 Old Country Road in Mineola. This allows the court to see the document you prepared.

Stipulation Extending Time to Answer

The last page of this document gives instruction on the procedure to be followed.

Stipulation to Adjourn

This document is to extend your upcoming court date based on an agreement between the attorney for the bank and homeowner.

Intake Form

This document can be printed, filled out, completed and brought with the homeowner before a settlement conference, if the homeowner wants to have an NCBA attorney volunteer represent them or before they attend a mortgage foreclosure clinic. This will save time.


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