Judicial Questionnaire Sample

If you are seeking to be screened as a prospective Judicial candidate for an upcoming election, a Judicial appointment or a judge seeking certification,  you will need an access code in order to download a blank copy of the NCBA Judicial Questionnaire Form.  

All applicants are being asked to forward a formal request for screening and a Questionnaire via email to the Judiciary Committee Secretary at 
NCBA Dimitra Tsiopelas DTsiopelas@nassaubar.org so that we may have a record of your email request for screening and the Judicial Questionnaire.  She will then provide your email information to our Technology Specialist, Hector Herrera, who will via email provide you with the security access code, NCBA Questionnaire Instructions, and the ability to access, complete and submit the "Interactive" Judicial Questionnaire online.
Remember to print a hard copy of the final application for your records before closing the document or all answers will no longer be retrievable by you upon submission. By submitting your completed Questionnaire online, you will no longer 
be required to submit several copies of the application to the Committee.  Your application will be secure and only reviewable by the  Judiciary Committee.

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