Lawyer Assistance Program

Model Policy for Law Firms/Legal Departments Addressing Impairment. Download Here.

LAP 24-hour Confidential Hotline: 888-408-6222
The Nassau County Bar Association Lawyer Assistance Program (NCBA LAP) provides confidential assistance to all attorneys, judges and law school students who are struggling with alcohol, drug and/or mental health problems or are affected by the problem of substance abuse, stress, or depression.
The program services are free and completely confidential.  See Our Brochure
 The NCBA takes the firm position that alcoholism, substance abuse, addictive behavior and psychological problems are treatable illnesses rather than moral issues.
Who We Help
The services of LAP are available to all attorneys and judges as well as their family members, whether or not you are a member of the Nassau County Bar Association.
If you are concerned about your own alcohol, drug use and/or mental health, or if you are concerned about a friend, colleague, partner or associate, a call to the Nassau County Bar Association Lawyer Assistance Program can help.
This service is not for the general public.
How We Help
NCBA LAP operates a 24-hour confidential hotline 888 - 408-6222. Professional staff is available to provide assistance. NCBA LAP also provides peer support through its attorney volunteers.
·         We help you to begin the recovery process.
·         We refer impaired attorneys to the appropriate local resources, including self-help groups, out-patient counseling, and detoxification and rehabilitation services.
·         We provide information and referrals for depression and other mental health problems.
·         We help identify impairment in the early stages.
·         We provide intervention and motivate impaired attorneys to seek help.
·         We help assess, evaluate and develop an appropriate treatment plan.
·         We help attorneys in the Attorney Sobriety Monitoring Program, which involves referrals from appellate courts and grievance committees.*

All LAP services are confidential and protected under Section 499 of the Judiciary Law as amended by Chapter 327 of the Laws of 1993.
Please be assured that your confidentiality or that of the individual about whom you are calling will be protected.
*LAP is completely independent of the grievance committees of the Appellate Division and NCBA.
* * * * *
If you, or an attorney, judge or law student you know, is experiencing problems related to alcoholism, drug addiction, other addictions, depression, stress or other psychological problems, contact us.
We can help you.
We want to help you.
Hotline: 888-408-6222




NCBA Lawyer Assistance Program Committee


Chair: Mark Goidell




Judiciary Law

Section 499. Lawyer Assistance Committees
Chapter 327 of the Laws of 1993


1.      Confidential Information Privileged. The confidential relations and communications between a member or authorized agent of a lawyer assistance committee sponsored by a state or local bar association and any person, firm or corporation communicating with such a committee, its members or authorized agents shall be deemed to be privileged on the same basis as those provided by law between attorney and client. Such privileges may be waived only by the person, firm or corporation which has furnished information to the committee.


2.       Immunity From Liability. Any person, firm or corporation in good faith providing information to, or in any other way participating in the affairs of any of the committees referred to in subdivision ones of this section shall be immune from civil liability that might otherwise result by reason of such conduct. For the purpose of any proceeding, the good faith of any such person, firm or corporation shall be presumed.




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