I need a lawyer. How can the Nassau County Bar Association help me?

The NCBA Lawyer Referral Information Service will help you hire the lawyer you may need to provide one-on-one personal guidance. Just call the trained professionals at 516-747-4832 for assistance.

How do I find an attorney who speaks Spanish (or any non-English language)?

Call the NCBA’s Lawyer Referral Information Service at 516-747-4832 for assistance.

How do I file a complaint against a lawyer?

All complaints must be in writing, signed by the individual lodging the complaint, and then sent to:

The Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District
150 Motor Parkway
Hauppauge, NY 11788

What should I do if I cannot locate my attorney who has my legal files, or if my attorney has died?

You may contact the Surrogate’s Court at 516-571-2082 to find out who is now handling the attorney’s practice or contact the NYS Attorney General’s office at 516-742-3700.

Is it possible to host a private party at Domus, NCBA’s headquarters?

For more information and reservations, call Esquires Fine Dining at 516-414-0879.

For Attorneys

Am I automatically a member of the Nassau County Bar Association when I pass the New York State bar exam?

No. In addition to passing the bar exam, you must be registered with Office of Court Administration (OCA) to practice law in New York State. Only attorneys who are registered with OCA may apply for membership in the NCBA.

Who can join the NCBA? Can non-attorneys join?

Attorneys who are registered with OCA, matriculated law students, paralegals, and legal administrators may apply for membership in NCBA. Members are not required to live or work in Nassau County.

I have a meeting at NCBA. What time does it start?

Check Calendar of Events at NassauBar.org for the times and meeting locations for all NCBA events.

I am an attorney with a personal problem and need help, but I am afraid my career will be harmed if this information becomes public. What should I do?

The Lawyers Assistance Program provides free, confidential assistance to attorneys, judges and law school students who are struggling with alcohol, drug and/or mental health problems or are affected by the problem of substance abuse, stress, or depression. Call the confidential hotline 1-888-408-6222.

How do I volunteer as a pro bono attorney?

Visit the Pro Bono & Volunteer Opportunities page under For Members at NassauBar.org and fill out the form. Someone will contact you to follow up.

Do you provide free speakers on legal topics?

Yes. We have speakers available on just about every legal topic you may be interested in, at no charge. Our members are available to speak at meetings of business, civic and charitable organizations as well as libraries and continuing education programs through our extensive Speakers Bureau. At the workplace, we offer the Lunch with a Lawyer program for employees, and for schools we have the Lawyer in the Classroom program for students of all grades.

Is it possible to host a private party at Domus, NCBA’s headquarters?

For more information and reservations, call Esquires Fine Dining at 516-414-0879.