FAQ(Lunch with a lawyer)

The Workplace Legal Education Program

About the Program

Lunch with a Lawyer is a free public service program of the Nassau County Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral Information Service. Its purpose is to give the people of nassau county an understanding of the legal issues relevant to their lives. The program is offered at your worksite during lunch hour to accommodate the busy lives of working adults.

* Lunch with a Lawyer speakers are Nassau County attorneys experienced in the areas of law addressed by the program.
* Presentations are tailored to your employees needs and interests related to their personal and financial concerns.
* Presentations last approximately one hour, including a question-and-answer period.
* Those attending Lunch with a Lawyer may feel free to bring their lunch.
* Job related issues will NOT be addressed in this program.

Lunch With a Lawyer speakers will not solicit clients. Views expressed by speakers are their own and not necessarily those of the Nassau County Bar Association.

A Public Service of the Community Relations & Public Education Committee and Lawyer Referral Information Service of the Nassau County Bar Association.

To request a speaker for Lunch With a Lawyer, submit the form below:

Please submit your request 4 to 6 weeks in advance of desired speaking date.






Suggested Topics:

How to Choose & Work With a Lawyer
Using Small Claims Court
Alternatives to Court: Mediation & Arbitration
Wills, Estate Planning: Not Just for the Wealthy
Elder Law: Senior Citizen Entitlements
Planning for Long-Term Health Care
Buying or Selling Your Home
Condos and Co-ops
Tax Law: The IRS and You
When You’re in Debt: Credit and Bankruptcy
Consumer Protection Law/Contracts
Personal Injury
Auto Insurance: Is It Working for You?
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Understanding the Family Court
Matrimonial Law: Divorce, Support,Custody
Children’s Legal Issues
Domestic Abuse Immigration Law
Understanding Local Government

Other topics available upon request