NCBA Committee Descriptions

Nassau County Bar Association 2019-20 Committees and Chairs


Access to Justice — Develops innovative programs to provide free or reduced fee access to legal counsel, advice and information.

Co-Chairs: Kevin P. McDonough and Gregory S. Lisi


Adoption Law — Discusses issues relating to all aspects of the adoption process, including laws and legislation.

Co-Chairs: Martha Krisel and Faith Getz Rousso


Alternative Dispute Resolution — Reviews innovative trends and strategies regarding alternative dispute resolution, including NCBA’s Arbitration and Mediation program.

Co-Chairs: Marilyn K. Genoa and Jess A. Bunshaft


Animal Law — Focuses on animal law-related issues and their interrelationship with other areas of the law.

Co-Chairs: Matthew A. Miller and Kristi L. DiPaolo


Appellate Practice — Addresses effective brief writing and oral arguments on appeal as well as developments in the law or court rules that may impact appellate practice.

Chair: Barry J. Fisher


Association Membership — Develops strategies to increase and retain membership as well as expand member services and benefits.

Chair: Michael DiFalco; Vice Chair: Philip Nash


Bankruptcy Law — Reviews recent decisions on bankruptcy law and their implications for attorneys who represent debtors or creditors.

Chair: Neil H. Ackerman

Vice Chair: Jeannine M. Farino


Business Law, Tax, and Accounting — Educates members on emerging issues in corporate and tax law as well as accounting related matters, and promotes the exchange of information between attorneys and accountants.

Co-Chairs: Jennifer L. Koo and Scott L. Kestenbaum

Vice Chair: Anthony Michael Sabino



By-Laws — Periodically reviews and suggests appropriate changes in the current by-laws of NCBA, NCBA Fund, Assigned Counsel Defender Plan and Academy of Law.

Chair:  Sandy Strenger


Civil Rights Law — Explores issues related to the protection of the rights of minorities and the various civil rights legislation.

Chair: Robert L. Schonfeld

Vice Chair: Bernadette K. Ford


Commercial Litigation — Provides a forum for attorneys practicing commercial litigation, including interaction with justices and support staff of Nassau County’s Commercial Part.  Works with other related committees and NCBA Officers and Directors on issues of corporate law affecting both litigated and non-litigated matters.

Chair: Matthew Didora

Vice Chair: Jeffrey A. Miller


Community Relations & Public Education — Provides speakers to schools, libraries and community organizations; conducts mock trial competition for high school students; promotes Law Day; and plans public education seminars on current topics.

Chair: Joshua D. Brookstein

Vice Chair: David J. Gugerty


Conciliation — Provides an alternative voluntary process through which fee disputes between clients and attorneys are arbitrated.

Chair: M. Kathryn Meng

Vice Chair: Steven L. Keats


Condemnation Law & Tax Certiorari — Focuses on issues related to real property valuation and litigation.

Chair: Douglas W. Atkins

Vice Chair: Richard P. Cronin


Construction Law — Provides a forum for discussion on topics related to construction law. Chair: Michael D. Ganz

Vice Chair: Raymond A. Castronovo


Criminal Court Law & Procedure — Reviews legislation related to the field of criminal law and procedure, and discusses problems, questions and issues pertinent to attorneys practicing in this field.

Chair: Dennis O’Brien

Vice Chair: Dana L. Grossblatt



Defendant’s Personal Injury — Discusses new developments and changes in the law that affect defendants’ lawyers and their clients.

Chair: Matthew A. Lampert


District Court — Discusses issues arising from practice in District Court, and promotes dialogue between the bench and the bar with respect to issues of common concern.

Co-Chairs: S. Robert Kroll and Roberta D. Scoll


Diversity and Inclusion — Encourages more diverse membership participation at the Bar and promotes discussion of issues related to diversity in the practice of law.

Chair: Hon. Maxine S. Broderick

Vice Chair: Rudolph Carmenaty


Domus House — Oversees repairs and refurbishing of the NCBA headquarters.

Chair: Maureen Dougherty


Education Law — Discusses topics related to the legal aspects of school systems.

Chair: Candace J. Gomez

Vice Chair: John P. Sheahan


Elder Law, Social Services & Health Advocacy — Addresses legal issues related to health, mental hygiene and social services for the public and special population groups, including the poor, the aged and the disabled.

Co-Chairs: Katie A. Barbieri and Patricia A. Craig

Vice Chairs: Marianne Simoni and Suzanne Levy


Environmental Law — Establishes a forum for the exchange of information regarding substantive and procedural law in the burgeoning field of environmental matters.

Chair: Nicholas C. Rigano


Ethics — Responds to member inquiries relating to ethics and propriety of all facets of practicing law, including advertising, conflict of interest and confidential relationships.

Chair: Matthew K. Flanagan


Family Court Law & Procedure — Addresses issues that relate to the practice of law in Family Court.

Chair: Ellen Pollack

Vice Chair: Susan G. Mintz


Federal Courts — Monitors developments in federal practice and interfaces with federal judges and court personnel.

Chair: David Shargel

Vice Chair: Matthew C. McCann


General/Solo/Small Firm Practice Management — Provides networking opportunities for general, solo and small-firm practitioners, and explores ways to maximize efficient law practice management with limited resources.  Encompasses a variety of areas of practice.

Chair: Deborah E. Kaminetzky

Vice Chair: Scott J. Limmer


Hospital & Health Law — Considers legal issues impacting health care, hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, other providers and consumers.

Chair: Leonard Rosenberg

Vice Chair: Colleen McMahon


Immigration Law — Discusses problem areas in immigration law.

Chair: George A. Terezakis

Vice Chair: Lorena E. Alfaro


In-House Counsel – Shares information and support to assist in-house counsel and new subject matter skills.

Chair: Tagiana Souza-Tortorella


Insurance Law — Reviews insurance claim procedures, insurance policies, substantive insurance law and related issues.

Co-Chairs: Frank Misiti and Michael C. Cannata


Intellectual Property Law — Provides a source of information to practicing attorneys whose interests relate to patents, trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property matters.

Chair: Joseph Farco


Labor & Employment Law — Analyzes proposed federal and state legislation, administrative regulations, and current judicial decisions relating to employer-employee relations, pension, health and other employee benefit plans, Social Security and other matters in the field of labor and employment law.

Chair: Paul F. Millus

Vice Chair: Matthew B. Weinick


*Lawyer Assistance Program — Provides confidential assistance to attorneys struggling with alcohol, drug, gambling and other addictions & mental health issues that affect one’s professional conduct. *Application & Presidential approval required

Chair: Henry E. Kruman

Vice Chair: Annabel Bazante


*Lawyer Referral — Advises the NCBA Lawyer Referral Service; addresses policy questions regarding fees, law categories and membership. *Presidential approval required

Chair: Peter H. Levy



LGBTQ — Addresses equality in the law and the legal concerns of the LGBTQ community.

Co-Chairs: Joseph G. Milizio and Barrie E. Bazarsky

Vice Chair: Charlie Arrowood


Matrimonial Law — Promotes the standards and improves the practice of matrimonial law. Chair: Samuel J. Ferrara

Vice Chairs: Jeffrey L. Catterson and Karen L. Bodner


Medical Legal — Reviews issues relating to medical malpractice litigation for plaintiffs and defendants.

Co-Chairs: Mary Anne Walling and Susan W. Darlington

Vice Chair: Christopher J. DelliCarpini


Mental Health Law — Provides programs on legal issues concerning mental illness and developmental disabilities, including but not limited to, capacity, civil rights, access to treatment and dual diagnosis, as well as discusses relevant statutes, case law and legislation.

Co-Chairs: David Z. Carl and Jamie A. Rosen


Municipal Law — Reviews trends and developments concerning zoning and planning, elections, employee relations, open meetings law, and preparation and enforcement of ordinances and local laws.

Co-Chairs: John C. Farrell and Chris J. Coschignano


New Lawyers — Structured events and activities of benefit and interest to newer attorneys (within ten years of admission) and law students, including social and professional activities. Establishes support network for new lawyers.

Co-Chairs: Steven V. Dalton and Glenn R. Jersey, III


Paralegal — Promotes the exchange of information between paralegals and attorneys and provides and establishes a networking opportunity between paralegals and attorneys.

Chair: Maureen Dougherty

Vice Chair: Cheryl Cardona


Plaintiff’s Personal Injury — Discusses new developments and changes in the law that affect plaintiff’s lawyers and their clients.

Chair: Ira S. Slavit

Vice Chair: David J. Barry


Publications — Solicits and develops articles for the monthly Nassau Lawyer publication; advises and supports efforts of the Nassau Lawyer editor.

Co-Chairs: Christopher J. DelliCarpini and Andrea DiGregorio


Real Property Law — Considers current developments relating to the practice of real estate law. Co-Chairs: Mark S. Borten, Anthony W. Russo, and Bonnie Link


Senior Attorneys — Members approximately 65 and older meet to discuss pertinent issues in their personal and professional lives.

Co-Chairs: George P. Frooks and Joan Lensky Robert


Sports, Entertainment & Media Law — Considers topics and factors specifically related to practice in the field of sports, entertainment and media law.

Chair: Seth L. Berman


Supreme Court — Provides a forum for dialogue among bar members and the judiciary on topics related to Supreme Court practice.

Chair: William Croutier, Jr.

Vice Chair: Steven Cohn


Surrogate’s Court Estates and Trusts — Deals with estate planning, administration and litigation; reviews pending relevant New York State legislation; and maintains an interchange of ideas with the Nassau County Surrogate and staff on matters of mutual interest.

Co-Chairs: Lawrence N. Berwitz and Jennifer Hillman

Vice Chairs: Amy F. Altman and Brian P. Corrigan


Veterans & Military Law — Reviews legislation and regulations associated with military law and veterans’ affairs, in particular, the needs of reservists and National Guard called to active duty.

Chair: Gary Port

Vice Chair: C. William Gaylor, III


Women in the Law — Examines current trends regarding women in the court system, and seeks to protect their rights to equal treatment.

Co-Chairs: Jennifer L. Koo and Christie R. Jacobson

Vice Chair: Jessica C. Moller


Workers’ Compensation — Discusses current legislation related to Workers’ Compensation regulations and benefits.

Chair: Adam L. Rosen