Frequently Asked Questions

Please send us a detailed summary that describes your legal issue(s). You do not have to provide any additional documentation until you are contacted by a NCBA attorney requesting further information from you.

There are more than thirty (30) participating private practice attorneys on the panel who have experience in all areas of the law. All attorneys are in good standing with the New York State Office of Court Administration. They will provide legal guidance and advice regarding your issue(s).

*Please note that the NCBA attorneys do not represent you as legal counsel.

There is no attorney’s fee for having your inquiry reviewed. Once your inquiry is forwarded to a NCBA attorney, you will be contacted by that attorney to discuss your legal issue(s).

However, upon evaluation, if your legal issue(s) require further legal assistance with cost, you will be redirected to the NCBA Lawyer Referral Information Service (LRIS) to help you find the right lawyer for your legal issue(s).

A NCBA attorney will contact you as soon as your inquiry is forwarded to him/her. All legal issues are examined on a case-by-case basis. Your NBCA attorney will actively communicate with you regarding the status of your legal matter(s).

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