Welcome to our first Newsletter.  The NCBA Mortgage Foreclosure Super Storm Sandy Project provides pro bono attorneys to advise residents at clinics and court mandated settlement conferences since 2009. This Newsletter will serve to give you and the public monthly updates of important information and issues in Mortgage Foreclosure and Sandy Recovery Resources.  Please feel free to forward any legal cases of interest or questions.


If you wish to volunteer, please email


Gale D. Berg

Director of Pro Bono Attorney Activities



·         The IRS has addressed the issue of payouts from foreclosure settlements and whether they are taxable. Please see IRS Revenue Ruling 2014-2

·         A guide to mortgage servicing rules effective January 10,2014 "Help for Struggling Borrowers" 

·         Ocwen is now obligated to give $2 Billion in first lien principal reduction to homeowners nationwide and roughly $300 Million is expected to flow to New York families, due to the Office of the Attorney General. Please contact us if you know of  loans that fit into the eligibility requirements below:

1.      Are in first lien position;

2.    Serviced by Ocwen;

3.    Where you have been working with the homeowner to secure a loan modification.

A copy of the consent order and the complaint which the AG filed against Ocwen.


Recent Decision of interest:

Decision: Washington Mutual Bank v. Holt

·         Date: 01/22/14


Second Department decision reversing denial of motion to dismiss following traverse hearing, holding that trial court should have granted motion to dismiss because plaintiff failed to prove by preponderance of evidence that jurisdiction was obtained by proper service of process.


Latest News on SuperStorm Sandy

·         Do Not Let Statue of Limitations Pass

·         Contact your Tax Assessor’s Office for possible reductions

·         Contractor Scam? 


Volunteers are the reason the NCBA has accomplished so much in helping the residents of Nassau County who face problems with mortgage foreclosure and Superstorm Sandy. Over the last year, we have had the honor of recognizing four individuals: Helayn Cohen, Adam Choi, Adam D'Antonio and William J Sparks. They are only four of the many attorneys who have volunteered over the last four years. They have either appeared consistently at mandatory conferences in Supreme Court, attended our clinics to give advice for mortgage foreclosure and/or Sandy or translated at a moment's notice for families, when English was not their primary language.  Will you be our next volunteer to donate your time, expertise, and experience to help those in need?


Volunteer: If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities at NCBA, sign up to receive the latest information by sending an email to:, attention: Greg Fishkin, Settlement Conference Coordinator. Upcoming clinics are  on  December 8 and 22.  English info. - Español info.   All from 3 to 6 p.m and Mandatory conferences are held at New York State Supreme Court Monday – Wednesday.


Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who you think will be interested or needs this information.


Upcoming Mortgage Foreclosure SuperStorm Sandy Clinic


December 3 and 22, 3pm-6pm

Founded in 1899, the Nassau County Bar Association consists of private and public attorneys, judges, legal educators and law students who demonstrate their commitment to the community. The NCBA Mortgage Foreclosure SuperStorm Sandy Project is one of those commitments. It provides free legal clinics as well as representation at mandatory foreclosure conferences in Supreme Court.


The Mortgage Foreclosure SuperStorm Sandy Project has had close to 90 clinics with an average of 50 people at each clinic, all staffed by volunteer attorneys.


“It was great to have attorneys experienced in foreclosure, thank you”,
and “I feel very thankful + grateful to this clinic” are some of the comments heard from the participants of our January 2014 clinic.


Save the Date -  January 14, 2015. The NCBA Mortgage Foreclosure Project is hosting a breakfast with all the Religious Organizations of Nassau County. More info will be posted.


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