Last Message of Our Beloved President Steve J. Eisman. October, 2015
Bridging The Generation Gap, It's Easier Than You Think
Steven J. EismanThe week of September 20, 2015 was an eventful one for me. On Sunday evening, I accompanied my son (an avid Yankee fan like his dad) and my future son-in-law (an avid Met fan) to Citifield. As far as I was concerned, it was a winwin. I got to spend time with these two young men as they both rooted on their respective ball clubs. I got to see my team secure a much needed victory over a Met team that went on to win its division later in the week.

Several days later, I was accompanied to my synagogue by the same young men, together with my daughter, daughter-in-law, and my wife, as well as many other multi-generational families in my community celebrating the Jewish Day of Atonement.

Later in the week, I watched in wonder as Pope Francis visited the United States and drew thousands upon thousands of faithful from the very young to the very old, as they each attempted to get a glimpse of the Pontiff and spend a few moments in his presence.
Finally, on Saturday the 26th, my wife and I attended the Billy Joel concert in Madison Square Garden (it was suppose to be on the 25th, but Billy Joel graciously surrendered the venue to the Pope). Once again, I marveled at the fact that the Garden rocked with people from the ages of 20 to 80 standing, clapping and singing every word to each song along with the artist.
You may be asking yourself at this point, what does this have to do with the Nassau County Bar Association and why do I care what Steve Eisman did the week of September 20, 2015? In order to explain, I would have to go back a few weeks to September 8, 2015, the evening of my second Board meeting as President of this great organization. Among other things that occurred that night, the most important piece of business, as far as I was concerned, was my proposal to the Board of Directors of the Nassau County Bar Association to eliminate the $25.00 dues charged to law students who wished to belong to our Association. As each of us undoubtedly remembers, even a $25.00 fee can be a burden to a student - and even worse - it can be a disincentive for the student to get involved in our Association. I am pleased to report that the Board overwhelmingly agreed to eliminate the dues requirement for law students. In addition, we voted to refund the monies paid to date by law students to join our Association this year.
Shortly after that meeting, I sent a letter to the Deans of Hofstra, St. John's, and Touro Law Schools to inform them of this important change. Their response has been nothing less than remarkably positive. I have met with Dean Lane and other members of his administration, and we are working towards enhancing the partnership between our bar association and Hofstra Law School. I have spoken to Associate Dean Andy Simons, our Past President, who has put me in touch with a member of the St. John's Law School Administration to further the same ideals, and I will be speaking to the Dean of Touro Law School shortly, to further our relationship. At the same time, the Task Force I created in June, headed by Justice Jeffrey Goodstein of the Nassau County Supreme Court and Andrea Brodie, a former chair of the Young Lawyers Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association, is actively working on different initiatives to foster a closer relationship between young lawyers, the bench and the bar. Some of these initiatives include lunch with a judge, tabling at Hofstra to introduce law school students to the Bar Association, CLE events with social components, Welcome to the Profession program for newly admitted attorneys in the spring, and initiatives to get law school faculty and non-attorney members to join the Bar Association.
In addition to all of this, our Secretary Rick Collins, who graciously undertook my appointment to become an unofficial social chair of the Bar Association, has put together a beer tasting Oktoberfest event for October 28th at the Bar Association, which I hope is a harbinger of renewed and reinvigorated social networking at our Association in a relaxed atmosphere.
So how does all of this relate to my week of September 20, 2015? The answer is simple. I have not waivered from my theme at the beginning of my administrative year in June that one of our key purposes in this association is to ensure its health so that we can pass on the great legacy that has been handed to us to future generations of lawyers who will be practicing in Nassau County. Each of the events I referenced in the beginning of this article were occasioned as a result of one generation being able to pass on its love and passion to the next. Whether it be a stadium full of Yankee and Met fans (and in many cases, fathers and mothers and sons or daughters), those observing Yom Kippur with their parents and children, or attending the Pope's Mass at Madison Square Garden, also accompanied by parents and children, each of these events is highlighted by the fact that one generation has passed on traditions and a sense of belonging to the next generation. Billy Joel was no different. On my way out of the concert, I spoke to several 25 year olds who said to me "we love this music, we grew up on it because these are the songs we sang with our parents as little children". As Billy Joel sings in one of his songs, "Life is a series of hellos and good-byes..." Let's choose to say hello to the next generation of lawyers. Let's each reach out to a young lawyer, a law student or a non-member lawyer and generate greater involvement in the Bar Association. There are so many things that we have to offer, from the Academy of Law, to our active Committees, to our mentoring programs, to our free legal clinics. And that is only scraping the surface.
I also urge each of you, when you are at any Committee meeting or other bar event and notice a young lawyer, law student or older lawyer standing by themselves, to please make an effort to go over introduce yourself and welcome the person to Domus. You never know whether or not the individual you meet today may play a pivotal role in your future as an employer, employee, referral source or even more importantly, a new friend.

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