Welcoming The Next Generation Of Lawyers
Steven J. EismanDuring the course of the past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the summer meeting of the Family Law Section of the New York State Bar Association. While I have been attending their annual winter meeting in New York for many years, this was my first trip to the summer meeting. I was recently appointed as a member at large of the section's executive committee, and I welcomed the opportunity to spend time with representatives of the Bench and Bar from across the State in a collegial, relaxed atmosphere.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The weekend gave me the opportunity to attend not only a board meeting and avail myself of continuing legal education, but it also permitted me to interact and break bread with Judges, lawyers, and forensic accountants in my field of practice over the course of several days.
The reason I bring this up is not to regale you with tales of "my summer vacation", but rather to discuss the benefits of bar associations in general, and ours in particular, and what we as members can do to promote the multitude of services and programs our Association has to offer to young members, the Judiciary and law students. As a newly minted attorney working for a small Garden City criminal defense firm, I joined our orgaorganization with hopes and aspirations of mingling with Judges and successful attorneys. I attended my first event at Domus filled with both anticipation and trepidation. Sitting at a table full of Judges and attorneys, none of whom I knew, was somewhat overwhelming.
Notwithstanding my anxiety, both the Judges and attorneys were welcoming and warm, leading me to increase my level of involvement exponentially along the way. My increasing involvement ultimately culminated in my current position.
As active members of this Association, it is incumbent upon us to not only avail ourselves of the many programs and services the Bar has to offer, but to reach out to young lawyers and unaffiliated attorneys and encourage them to become involved. I firmly believe that the continued success of our Association depends on the involvement and support of our members, and what better way to do that than by welcoming a new generation of attorneys into our home.
As many of you know from my installation and the "From the President" Article in the June 2015 edition of the Nassau Lawyer, I created a task force to initiate a dialogue between the young lawyers of our Association and judiciary. The purpose of the task force is to explore the most effective avenues to address the needs of our young lawyers to ensure their continued involvement.
The task force is working with the local law schools to encourage law school students to become involved as early as orientation during their first year of law school. Members of the Young Lawyers and Membership Committees have already committed to speak during orientation at Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center and the Maurice A. Dean School of Law at Hofstra University next month. The Hon. Jeffrey A. Goodstein and several members of our Young Lawyers Committee are speaking to the judicial interns this month about life as a young lawyer and the importance of bar association membership in a young attorney's early career. The hope is that if law school students meet a few of our Young Lawyers that they will feel more welcome at Domus and not experience some of the fear and trepidation we all once felt when we attended our first bar association event. Conversely, we want our Young Lawyers to know that they are a valued and vital part of our Association, and they are the key to our continued success.
The ultimate question is how do we translate these efforts into success for the coming year? Our ever popular September event, Domus on the Lawn, which shall now be known as "Barbeque at the Bar", is a great way to return to Domus after a summer away to greet your friends. At the same time, it is the perfect opportunity to introduce potential new members to our Association. There will be no charge for anyone who attends this event, members and potential members alike. This will permit us to show off not only the "bricks and mortar" that comprises our historic building, but to display our greatest asset - the bond between our members.
Whether it is Barbeque at the Bar, the continuing legal education programs sponsored by our own Nassau Academy of Law, the programs and meetings of our individual committees, the charitable enterprises of our Association through We Care and the numerous social gatherings throughout the year to honor and welcome distinguished members of the Bench and Bar, our Association provides endless benefits to our members. I strongly urge you to join me in promoting our great Association to the next generation of members.

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